Solving network and application delivery challenges
with intelligent technology solutions


OPIA Technology designs and deploys application delivery networks and operational intelligence, to attain the highest security and reliability for users accessing business critical applications. This doesn't mean plugging the right cable into the right socket. It means designing your network to achieve your outcomes and to add value to your business.

About Us

OPIA Technology was born out of the need to provide businesses with IT operational intelligence to encourage a more efficient way for businesses to leverage their technology investment to expand. With decades of experience in some of the largest service providers across the IT landscape, our team is able to cross promote technology innovation to all teams within your business, and highlight the benefits for your organisation.

Why Choose Us?

Our foundation of providing services is based on "We Work With You First" in order to understand the outcome you want to achieve.
No more template solutions items that only satisfy 70% of your needs
We are a vendor agnostic consulting practice, and we have partnerships with vendors and service providers who are the best in their field. This allows OPIA Technology to design solutions for your business with the latest and greatest technology.


We partner with you and your business to ensure your network supports your critical business applications that you depend on to do business.


With data networks integrating public cloud environments, Software-as-a-Service, and hosted applications, corporations are more exposed to cyber threats than ever before. Your reputation is a valuable commodity in staying ahead of competitors. OPIA Technology helps you to achieve the appropriate level of security for your business, protecting your data, your infrastructure, and your reputation, without compromising the experience of your users or customers

& Cloud

With the advent of cloud and infrastructure as a service, the ability to run scalable and hybrid applications provides flexibility in the way you manage your applications and the potential to reduce operational cost, but this topology also introduces vulnerabilities and additional security considerations. Our design process ensures that we develop the most appropriate architectures for your applications and business requirements

Internet & WAN

SDWAN has allowed organisations to become more carrier agnostic. This is great because you can now attain the best value infrastructure for your business, however the additional challenge of multi carrier now means there are numerous points to engage for fault resolution, billing and account management. OPIA Technology is a wholesale carriage provider allowing us to get you the best value and most diverse connections possible, and we also remove the management of telco carriers from your IT team.

Network, Application & EUE Monitoring

With dispersed connectivity, comes loss of visibility on how your applications are performing, what protocols are active on your network, and how productive your users are. OPIA Technology ensures that you are able to monitor application performance, troubleshoot easily, and pin-point root causes of issues and failures

Branch Infrastructure
& Optimisation

We understand that business can run any where, any time. Branch offices and distributed applications add to infrastructure management challenges and performance compromises. We excel at providing access to applications from anywhere, at a level of security the business expects, with an experience that allows users productivity


We consider ourselves to be technology brokers. We operate independently, and ensure we work with the best of breed technology vendors.
We are always on the lookout for any emerging tech that can give your business the edge over your competition.
This allows us to deliver the best possible solution using the best technology in the market.


We are easy to work with, and flexible. We work to achieve your ideal outcome.

Applications are the vehicle for business producitvity. Assuring application availability is maximised and operating at optimal performance requires proactive monitoring and reporting of behaviours and resource utilisation.

OPIA Tech engineers have experience in developing comprehensive monitoring platforms for some of Australia's largest corporations. Operational intelligence should extend from the network, through the systems and application stack, to the end user.

Expertise with LAN, WAN/SD-WAN, WAN Optimisation, VPN, Firewalls/Security, Network Redundancy, Wireless Networking, Cloud Computing & VPC’s, and Disaster Recovery.

Our engineers have vast experience in all the best of breed security vendors for Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Event Management, Network Based Analysis and Discovery, Remote Access, Web App Firewalls, DoS Protection and Wireless Security.

OPIA Tech can address the traditional finger pointing of WAN edge issues. Is it your equipment, or is it your service provider? OPIA Tech has partnerships with all the major Telco's so that we can provide internet, MPLS, dark fibre and other carriage services.

This gives you the assurance that if there is a WAN or Internet issue, you have one point of contact for fault resolution, OPIA Tech. We know your WAN infrastructure, and we also provide the carriage connections.

We make sure you achieve the best business continuity and the highest performing WAN edge.

Our Managed Services allow you to focus on growing your business, while keeping your mind at ease that your network is performing at its optimum.

Your networking infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and kept in an optimal state. We ensure any problems are addressed quickly and definitively without the need for your involvement.

OPIA Tech can minimise the complexities of transitioning to cloud infrastructure and as-a-Service portfolios. Our customers are able to quickly realise the cost benefits that cloud offers, such as increased agility and delivery time of compute and storeage, and reduced management costs.

Cloud migrations can often lead to less control and less visibility & reporting of your application performance. We can provide in depth reporting so you can continue to operate as if still operating on-prem.

We operate a flexible commercial structure to align with your business budgeting strategy, whether it be CAPEX or OPEX.

As a Telstra partner, we can amortise project costs onto your Telstra bill to yield an incentive "tech fund". We can also provide various other finacing options with our approved lenders based on your required terms.

You can also utilise your existing Telstra tech fund credits to cover hardware and services costs provided by OPIA Technology.


Our customers represent some of the most well known and iconic brands in many industry sectors.
They chose OPIA Technology as their trusted technology adviser and delivery partner.

120 site deployment of Riverbed SDWAN & Xirrus Wifi

Beacon Lighting

Australia's Leading Lighting Retailer

Provide End-to-End Consulting for Telstra's Customers

Telstra Partner

Australia's Largest Teleco

Sinefa Monitoring, Meraki Wifi & Switching

Salvation Army EP

International Charitable Organisation

Network Security and Branch Site & Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

Ryco Hydraulics

Global Hydraulic Engineering & Manufacturing


OPIA Technology has nurtured our own partnerships directly with vendors, but as we are also a Telstra Partner we are able to leverage their vendor relationships, their buying power, and their in-house engineering teams. This means we can provide the best value from the best technology vendors.

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